Wedding Packages:

Packages Starting at $550


What’s Included?

  • Planning & consultation with your DJ
  • Requests or special songs
  • Our complete and best light show
  • Written itinerary for clients to approve

You might be asking yourself why we offer all of this in this way. It’s simple! Requests are what personalize your wedding reception, so we will go out of our way to make sure we are prepared. Lighting is what enhances your reception by isolating your dance floor, which makes it more inviting and fun to and for your guests. Since we have great effects and lighting, we like to use them. Planning is a necessity for both us and you. We like to make sure we represent the business in a professional manner every weekend and you need to know that we understand exactly what you want to happen at the reception. As for our time limit, we have set a time limit 7 hours) that satisfies the time needs of nearly all of our wedding receptions.

Every wedding reception and ceremony is unique. It is, of course, a formal event to which family and friends from a wide range of ages will be attending. You will need a DJ that is used to the formality and is great with all kinds of people in order to make you and your guests feel relaxed. We can ease most of your concerns before the event even begins during our planning session. This is when we map out the night as best we can and give you a copy of the itinerary we come up with. (See the PLANNING & LIGHTING PAGE FOR SAMPLE WEDDING PLAN)

Of course, you cannot plan for everything. That’s where the experience of all our disc jockeys comes into play. With MR. MUSiC you’re not going to get a DJ without experience. We have been at this since 1991! We have the ability to read and inspire your crowd and keep the dance floor hopping all night long. For weddings, we ask that you start thinking about the things on our information forms, plan on meeting us at our office one to two months prior to your wedding date and include your DJ’s meal in the contracted price.

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